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Aug 2, 2016

In the 1994 film "Airheads", the local radio station KPPX secretly plans to change their programming from alternative rock to the "mellow sounds of the rain", much to the dismay of thousands of rock fans.

Fast forward over twenty years and such events have occurred in Budapest, Hungary. Ozone Mama, a self proclaimed classic rock/grunge fused ball of energy have felt the effects of a once favourite son of the airwaves turn to the dark side.

But as senseless and often dumber, for lack of a better word, compositions flood the airwaves of the world, perhaps it's not a bad thing that rock goes underground. Ozone Mama have a foot in both camps. An instantly recognisable sound of 1970's classic rock and the undeniable wail of Seattle's finest, they unashamedly tip their musical hats to the past greats. They are on the front line, busting their guts in the name of rock and roll authenticity. But they are also successful, winning Hungary's Fonogram Award (Hungary's version of the Grammys) for Best Rock/Metal album of 2016 (Sonic Glory).

In this episode Andy (Ozone Mama's songwriter and guitarist) and I discussed things like; The decline in modern music, having the best boss in the world and accepting that everyone sounds like someone.

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Artist Details:

Name: Ozone Mama
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Generic Genre Classic Rock, Grunge, Alternative Rock
Forced Comparison: Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog, Led Zeppelin
Bandcamp Site
Official Site
Facebook Page

Jun 13, 2016

Croatia's groove, stoner rock band "She Loves Pablo" have a song from one of their previous releases entitled "Impassive, Massive and Aggressive". If we replace the initial adjective with "Impressive", we have a fairly accurate description of what is in store when you listen to these guys. Oh, and add in angry, peaceful, articulate and melodic too!

Having just released a spectacular and somewhat multi-genred album, "Try Mandarin", earlier this year, the band continue to push ahead with their crushing, yet message laden mission.

The band has the formula down. Huge riffs with crunching guitars and bass, pounding drums, scorching vocals....but they also have a great sense of push and pull, ebb and flow and with a self professed "harmony nazi" within the band, vocal harmonies and well crafted melodies, it is no wonder that they are drawing a crowd.

Despite chasing each other for months and some issue with our audio, She Loves Pablo and I covered all sorts of topics, like; Improvising back stories, playing the same song over 20 times in a row, attractive bass players, the problem with the chinese (not really....) and the question of if art is becoming cheap in this day and age.

Bandcamp Site

Facebook Page

Apr 14, 2016

Just because a band doesn't take themselves 100% seriously, it does not mean that they cannot be seriously good. Boyjazz are no novelty band and whilst on first taste it could be easy to dismiss them as an 80's glam rock/metal band with sexed up lyrics (and sexed up nicknames), this is all part of the show that makes them work so damned well.

One of the core issues bands of Boyjazz's style seemed to have back in the 1980's was that many of them seemed to actually be serious and believe the excessive, sexessive rock and roll lifestyle and inherently they ended up looking like dicks (pardon the pun).

Boyjazz nails the music of the era but with their own modern take and whilst Axl Rose is often viewed as a bit of a wanker, the guy can really sing. Boyjazz's vocalist, Adam Hobbs, has a similar set of pipes - this is a good thing...a REALLY good thing. But the thing that Boyjazz has going for them is the fact that they were born unintentionally out of a musical screw around, an experiment if you will, and the band has always maintained the ethos that fun comes before anything else.

This approach saw Boyjazz reach a decent level of success in the the early/mid 2000's before they (sort of) disbanded.

Whatever the case, these guys rock! It helps all the more that they are decent, humble and passionate fellas who work on their craft and keep fun and passion at the forefront!


Mar 10, 2016

Sometimes I'm not sure why I like a song, a band or an album. Sometimes it's an immediate and obvious light bulb reaction. Other times there's just a 'thing', something that is not apparent from the get go but is worth investing time to have another listen or three.

It's never based on the artwork or album title! And thank god for that, as I may have completely overlooked the catchy Beatles-esque synth pop of Uncle Sugar (Greg Warns). His/their latest release "Hourglass" was initially entitled "Don't Listen, Yet!". I thought it was a clever name. Turns out it was more of an instruction as these versions of the soon to be released songs were merely meant for friends to provide feedback before the final mixes commenced. Throw in his penchant for creating album covers on Microsoft Paint (I'm not supposed to mention that!) and I had every reason to pass his music by.

But I didn't and I am glad. Uncle Sugar has a knack for balance - experimental elements woven throughout finally crafted songs that whilst extremely poppy and catchy, never cross the line to novelty of (pardon the pun) saccharine flavoured throwaways.

To make things even better, Greg is only twenty years old, not that that should really matter, but he is also quit prolific with new material being released several times a year.

So check out Uncle Sugar's sugary yet nutrient filled musical goodness! It's a balanced diet for the ears!

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Feb 4, 2016

The guys from Dead Poet Society were a blast to speak to and they really took the Rock and Goal segment seriously. Their banter and debate over who should be selected was a joy to watch and was equally entertaining as it was insightful. The main show had an edited version of this discussion to keep the main show length down - a mini show of that full length discussion can be heard right here in this bonus short episode. 

Jan 2, 2016

"It would be nice if something made sense for a change." ~ Lewis Carol (Alice in Wonderland)

At risk of throwing too many surreal pop culture references into the soup, I've a feeling we are not in Kansas anymore. And if you still choose to taste the soup, please remember... there is no spoon!

In all honesty, Los Angeles based quartet Little Red Lung are not that weird. But they are unique and it's their meticulous attention to detail, be it in the form of song writing or post production, that sets them apart from their peers. There's strange and interesting for strange and interesting's sake - and bands like that are as empty as the tin man's chest.

But Little Red Lung are as genuine as they come and you can hear it. Songs are laced with trauma, hope, frustration and and an underlying tension that seeps out of the cracks and runs down the walls. And you can't help but watch.

Their music will take some time to fully appreciate. It's not going to be everyone's cup of tea, but should you get to the tea party, you will have one hell of a time... real or otherwise. *Spin totem now.

In this interview, Little Red Lung members Zoe-Ruth Erwin and Ali Nikou chatted about their new album Beware, scathing reviews, popcorn, living on a deserted island and much much more!

Dec 2, 2015

Imagine you walk into a bar (in slow motion) dressed in a sharp suit with the swagger only a winner could muster. You order your drink (a stiff drink), a girl flirts with you, you are invited to join the band to belt out a catchy rockin number, you get in a bar fight, the girl breaks your heart and you stagger out , tie slightly loosened but knowing you had one hell of a night. That's what listening to The Blue Stones is like!

The Canadian duo have been belting out these suit clad, stubble fueled songs for almost a decade now. The crunchy yet soulful guitar and vocals of Tarek Jafar and intricate and powerful drums of Justin Tessier are a combination to be reckoned with. Open your ears and swallow the confident swagger that are The Blue Stones!

With a new album "Black Holes" adding to the list of great achievements (alongside "How's That Sound?"and a self titled EP) The Blue Stones are one band you'll love to love.


Nov 1, 2015

John Wilkes Booth won't kill you, despite being a band that shares it's name with the infamous assassin of Abraham Lincoln, but they may come close if they don't kill each other first. This Long Island band have riffs-a-plenty and with a wailing vocal reminiscent of Soundgarden's Chris Cornell (he's seriously good!) you'll only have to wait a short time into the opening track "From the North" from their latest full length release "Useless Lucy" to see what they are capable of.

I got a chance to spend some time with Harry, John Wilkes Booth's bass player, discussing a wide variety of things such as:

- the effects of having an historic and often hated (with every reason to be) figure as a band name
- pondered the demise of each band member
- in-fighting and personality clashes
- band name wars
- accidentally blowing the real Batman's cover (we are so, so sorry!)

These guys are a passionate bunch of dudes who make awesome music for the sheer love of it. And they're damned good too! Bonus!

Their music is available (often for free) at bandcamp -

Oct 1, 2015

How do you best describe the music made by someone referred to by others as "The Villain King of New Jersey's noir-pop scene" or "The Pied Piper of the Garden State"? However you describe it, you wouldn't be doing it justice, that's for sure. If it were a recipe for a musical cake, you'd perhaps need the following ingredients:

- A leaky bucket of Tom Waits styled romping and lyrical storytelling
- A pint of Muse's Matt Bellamy's wails
- A circus clown's car worth of chaos
- Rinse through an old theater's red curtain...twice

Shayfer is a master storyteller and is able to adopt characters and roles that range from the somber to the twisted, from the glorious to the pure evil. There is so much life in his pieces and each and every aspect of each and every song is crafted with care to truly squeeze out every once of musty, beer stained, heartbreaking, philosophical drop. His music is a journey into the dark side and back again...and you'll love every minute once you acclimatize!

His music is available through - The Band Campaign continues...

Sep 2, 2015
Dans's BandCampaign Episode 6: Sophie's Earthquake

They say "Good things come to those who wait," and in the case of Germany's Sophie's Earthquake, it may be true. Formed in 2009, they have thus far only released 3 songs (with an album due out at the end of 2015)! But the three songs are as well thought out as they are diverse.

Epic songs that contain a variety of styles, Sophie's Earthquake takes the rhythmic patterns of Tool and throws in acoustic builds, harmonised vocals and spacey passages to create a spiraling sonic journey for the ears.

Artist Details:

Name: Sophie's Earthquake
Location: Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
Generic Genre Labeling: Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Heavy Rock, Acoustic Rock
Forced Comparison: Tool, Alice in Chains, ISIS (the band!!)
Bandcamp Site:
Soundcloud :

Aug 2, 2015

Aymerica Ardimanni was this month's guest and someone I discovered on bandcamp many years ago. Whilst he plays with several bands and artists such as David Zincke, Medi and Koma, it was his solo album "Open" that I first discovered and grew very fond of.

Emotional and honest songs that contain traces of Pink Floyd, Dire Straits and even Radiohead are to be found and loved, along with some excellent guitar solos and atmospheric yet dynamic mixing. 

This interview shows that passion, thrill, honesty and drive can take you a long way - from securing a relationship to opening for ZZ Top and Iggy and the Stooges. This man is equal parts head and heart and I think any musician that ever had the love of music will relate to what he has to say. 

Jul 1, 2015

This month, the campaign sees Manchester based sotner rock band Ten Foot Wizard join the show. Having only just released a new album, the band were in high spirits and discussed a breadth of topics such as; drummers that leave for gold and drugs, sexism in the music metal scene, rehearsing in a space built for Hobbits, governmental conspiracies and the power of a mullet.

Regular segments "Blatant Self Promotion", "Fast Five" and "Rock and Goal!" all appear once more as well as a new segment "Friendly Fire" where the band is read questions posed to them from their fans. 

Jun 2, 2015

Dan's BandCampaign Podcast Episode 3 features the newly labelled psychedelta blues band "Heavy Glow". Jared Mullins (Lead vocalist, guitarist and songwriter of the band) shares his thoughts on their recent tour (and reveals which audience was the best!) the dramas of being in a hotel on Valentines day when single, how the Chili Peppers came to reference them in one of their most famous songs and more...

Heavy Glow's combines seventies-esque rock, psychedelia, modern rock and soul to create a sensual swagger that will melt in your ears. If these guys were car salesmen, you'd walk into their dealership to by some air freshener and drive out in a Chevy. 

Regular segments "Blatant Self-Promotion", "Fast Five" and "Rock and Goal" feature alos (with a new News Report section for the "Rock and Goal!" player signing! Oooh!)

Jun 2, 2015

Swedish fuzz stoner rock band "Maskin" are the guests for Episode 2. Maskin guitarist, songwriter and engineer Kent Cederstrom tells of the uncanny nature in which the band was formed, bandmates that think they can play more than one instrument and the trials behind recording the same songs four times.

Regular segments "Shameless Self Promotion", "The Fast Five" and "Rock and Goal!" feature also.

May 1, 2015

The supporting show containing full length songs from Episode Two's guest, Maskin, as well as a full song from my band, Something Once Forgotten. 

Apr 1, 2015

Dan's Bandcampaign - Supplementary Show for Episode 1: The supporting show containing full length songs from Episode One's guest, Radio Nowhere, as well as a full song from my band, Something Once Forgotten. 

Let the Campaign begin!

Apr 1, 2015

Dan's Bandcampaign podcast Episode 1: Californian based Radio Nowhere is not the guitar strumming singer/songwriter the term often implies. Otherwise known as Mike Baker, Radio Nowhere discusses a range of things like childhood musical enlightenment, earning a gig interpreting a cow, how being held up at gun point in Mexico can inspire a song and much more.

Regular segments "Shameless Self Promotion", "The Fast Five" and "Rock and Goal!" feature also. 

The campaign begin!